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Team of Physio Massage Therapists

Maggie Massage London  

Master degree in Physiotherapy.
MAGGIE: I’m qualified Physio Therapist registered with Health Professions Council, I can offer solution for tmuscular problems or any related dysfunctions as well as effective Deep Tissue Massage. My education and extensive experience enabled me to gain strong knowledge of body mechanics, which I regularly use in my practice to match client expectations.

Pregnancy Massage for Women    
Karolina Massage London  

Master degree in Physiotherapy.
KAROLINA: My background lies in Physiotherapy which has helped me develop classic styles of massage with an element of body revitalization. I’m providing effective therapeutic massage specializing in Deep Tissue and Pregnancy massage but I also have a real passion for relaxing techniques. I love volleyball and I’m generally a sporty person.

Mandana Massage London Body Massage Therapy

London School of Sports Massage.
MANDANA: I have 8 years of experience working as a massage therapist and now I’ve qualified as a Sports Therapist from London School of Sports Massage. I’m dedicated to treating those with any muscular injuries and helping them to prevent the injury in the future by maintaining muscular balance with regular massage.

Physio London    
Kamila Massage London  

Master degree in Physiotherapy.
KAMILA: Massage therapy is my real passion! I’ve developed an interest in various areas of massage techniques from Hot Chocolate Massage, Chinese Cupping to Sports, Medical massage with elements of Shiatsu and Osteopathy Manual Therapy. I’m also into cycling, yoga and capoeira.

Deep Tissue Massage    
Kate Massage London Body Massage Therapy

Master degree in Physiotherapy.
KATY: My therapy philosophy is a fusion between West and East, Science and Art and my development as a therapist is a reflection of it. I graduated in Physiotherapy in 2007 and additionally learnt Ayurvedic, Thai and Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage which I practice with passion and professional manner.

Monika Massage London Physio London

Master degree in Physiotherapy.
MONIKA: I'm passionate about massage therapy and in particular how to reduce stress and anxiety by relaxing body and mind. My training, education and experience allows me to safely address a variety of concerns through massage therapy including soft tissue injuries, sports related injuries as well as stress management.

Monika Massage London Physio London

Master degree in Physiotherapy.
BEATA: I always make sure I am providing top quality therapeutic massage and as I qualified Physiotherapist I focus on muscular solutions offered to those who suffer tension and pain due to bad posture or injuries. I specialize in Sports Massage, Deep Tissue and Manipulation Techniques.

Monika Massage London Physio London

Master degree in Physiotherapy.
BEGONA: As an experienced therapist I am genuinely interested in helping people to feel better specializing in back, neck and shoulder massages. I can provide Deep Tissue, Swedish, as well as Aromatherapy Massages and I’ve been qualified as Physiotherapist in Spain and I’m registered with Health Professions Council in UK.

Stephanie Massage London Physio London

Graduate Physio registered with HPC.
STEPHANIE: I’m a French Physiotherapist with HPC temporary registration specializing in Remedial and Deep Tissue Massage which I’m both very passionate about. My knowledge and dedication makes me confident that I will put 100% of my skills into every treatment aiming at achieving best results every time.

Krystian Massage London  

Thai Massage Therapist.
KRYSTIAN: Experienced massage therapist. His uniquely synergistic style and holistic approach, consists of both Western and traditional Eastern massage techniques i.e. Deep Tissue, Classical, Sports Massage, Shiatsu, Thai Massage and Thai Foot Reflexology. Ppassionate and keen to learn, always delivering the very best results for his client.


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